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Directors of B.A.M. Estate Limited.

The Board of Directors of BAM Estate are elected by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting and serve for a period of three years before standing down and offering themselves for re-election.

Only shareholders of BAM Estate may be directors. The directors are unpaid.

Following the AGM of the 20th June 2019, the directors are as follows:

Daniel Rosenfelder

Appointed 19th June 2017.


Leaseholder: Flat No.21 Buckingham Mansions.

Esther Baroudy

Appointed 12th June 2003.

Vice Chairman - serves on Buildings, Finance, and Hot and Cold Water sub-committees.

Leaseholder: Flat No.23 Marlborough Mansions.

Ian Cohen

Appointed 27th November 1997.

Serves on BAM Flats, Buildings, Communications, Gardens, Governance, Health Safety & Environment (Chairman), Hot and Cold Water, Human Resources, and Security/Neighbourhood Watch sub-committees.

Leaseholder: Flat No.34 Marlborough Mansions.

Leon Ellenport

Appointed 15th September 1993.

Serves on Communications, Finance, Governance, Health, Safety & Environment, Hot and Cold Water, Major Works. Oversight, and  Security/Neighbourhood Watch sub-committees.

Director: Estate Management (Hampstead) Ltd.

Leaseholder: Flat No.9 Avenue Mansions.

Rupert Keenlyside

Appointed 19th June 2014.

Serves on Communications, Finance, Governance, and Human Resources sub-committees.

Leaseholder: Flat No.32 Marlborough Mansions.

Falgun Patel

Appointed 17th June 2018.

Leaseholder: Flat No.25 Avenue Mansions

Priyanjali Malik

Appointed 17th June 2018.

Leaseholder: Flat No.38 Marlborough Mansions

Julia Roe

Appointed 20th June 2019.

Leaseholder: Flat No.89 Marlborough Mansions.

Louise Dryden

Appointed 20th June 2019.

Leaseholder: Flat No.28 Avenue Mansions.

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