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Estate Management (Hampstead) Limited

Sub-Committees of the Board

Following the Annual General Meeting on 17th June 2018 Daniel Rosenfelder was elected Chairman & Esther Baroudy as Vice Chairman.  The appointment of directors to the sub-committees is as follows:-

BAM Flats:

Ian Cohen, Daniel Rosenfelder, Priyanjali Malik.


Esther Baroudy, Daniel Rosenfelder, Patrick Boylan, Ian Cohen, Leon Ellenport, Abid Bilgrami.


Patrick Boylan, Ian Cohen, Leon Ellenport, Rupert Keenlyside, Daniel Rosenfelder, Priyanjali Malik


Esther Baroudy, Abid Bilgrami, Leon Ellenport.


Ian Cohen.


Abid Bilgrami, Patrick Boylan, Ian Cohen, Leon Ellenport, Rupert Keenlyside

Health Safety & Environment:

Ian Cohen (Chairman), Leon Ellenport.

Hot & Cold Water:

Esther Baroudy, Abid Bilgrami, Ian Cohen & Leon Ellenport.

Human Resources:

Abid Bilgrami, Ian Cohen, Rupert Keenlyside.

Major Works Oversight:

Leon Ellenport.

Security/Neighbourhood Watch:

Ian Cohen, Leon Ellenport.

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