The Share Capital of B.A.M. Estate Ltd. is �1,000 divided into one thousand shares of �1 each, of which 195 are allotted.

Each leaseholder of a flat on the BAM Estate is entitled to One Share in the company, and if there are two or more lessees of one flat then the Share is registered in their joint names. The Share has to be transferred on the sale of a flat.

If the relevant Share Certificate has been lost, you will need to send the managing agents, Estate Management (Hampstead) Limited, a Form of Indemnity For Lost Certificate signed by the existing shareholder, or the executor in a probate case, together with a Stock Transfer Form if the share is being, or has been, transferred, and a cheque made payable to the managing agent for �30.00 for their administration fee with your request for a replacement certificate. The necessary Forms can be downloaded here: -

Indemnity for Lost Certificate to be signed by shareholder(s).

Indemnity for Lost Certificate to be signed by Executor(s).