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Bothered by Noise?

If you are bothered by noise coming from a neighbours home, often the best way to deal with the problem is to go to the source. 

Talk to the person responsible for the noise and point out the problem.  You may find they are unaware they are disturbing you.

If informal action fails, then contact Camden Council who have a duty to investigate complaints of noise from premises and deal with any they consider to be a statutory nuisance.

Telephone the Environmental Health Department Customer Services on 020 7974 2090.  They will take details of your complaint, write to the person about whom you are complaining, and write to you requesting you keep a record of incidents on diary sheets they provide.

If the problem continues, send in the diary sheets to Customer Services and they will allocate a case officer who will investigate further.  If they cannot resolve the problem informally they can serve abatement notices, and ultimately the case could appear in front of the magistrates who can impose substantial fines.

The Council also have a mobile “Noise Patrol” operating on Friday and Saturday nights between 10.0 p.m. and 4.0 a.m.  If a problem arises during that time call the Council offices on 020 7974 4444 and they will pass on your report to the Patrol who will then call round and try to resolve the problem.

Whilst a nuisance may arise in contravention of the lease, your most effective recourse is to contact the Council as above and pursue action through them.  Please remember that it is not part of the Estate staff’s duties to deal with these matters.