BAM gardening club for Children

The Garden club at the BAM Estate is run by Head Gardener James McArthur, and assisted by garden staff and parents.

The club is run monthly covering all of the seasons with attendees numbering to around 10-15 per session. There is a break for summer and winter holidays. In 2015 we had 6 sessions – April 21st, May 19th, June 23rd, September 30th, October 21st and December 2nd

Activities undertaken in 2015 are listed below: 

Designing a bird table to be constructed by the on site carpenter and placed in the East gardens.   

Scientific survey measuring ph levels in the estate soil, rainfall and current weather conditions via weather station readings. 

Wildlife identification around the gardens. 

Vegetable seeding of various crops including Chard, Spinach celeriac, peas, beans and potatoes. When ready the children help crop the vegetables and take some home to eat.  

Planting of spring bulbs. 

Planting of summer bedding in pots and boarders.  

Autumn leaf collecting and composting. 

Making Christmas decorations with garden foliage. 

The garden club promotes interaction between parents and children of the estate, basic education to the operational tasks of a gardener, and respecting nature and its diversity. 

At the garden club a community spirit has been formed by residents who would not normally come into contact. It has been positive for child learning and forms an extra hands-on experience to accompany normal school learning.

The sessions undertaken at the vegetable plot also promote healthy eating with organic self-grown produce.


Children's Book Club

The Club is continuing in the new school year.  Currently a group of 7- 8 year olds have been meeting enthusiastically every month and having some good discussions on classics such as 'Pippi Longstocking' and 'Babe'.  

Madhuri Pai, a BAM resident is more than happy to start more groups. Interested parents of children between 5 and 11 years can contact her at 07889 718 839.