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Guidelines for the use of Balconies.

Because we wish to maintain and improve the appearance of our buildings, we have established guidelines for the use of the Balconies enjoyed by 1st floor residents. Due to the design, the presumed connections between the various sections of the balcony railings are not always there.

These railings are only ornamental, and should not be considered otherwise. The balconies should only be considered for occasional single person use and for general maintenance access. Residents and visitors must be made aware of the restriction on use of the balconies.

Insurers recommend that warning notices should be permanently attached to the inner face of the railings to reinforce this awareness.

The balcony railings must not be cut or drilled into as this will weaken them.

The balcony surface must not be drilled into as this could cause it to fracture.

No structure may be erected on the balcony or affixed to the railings.

At all times consideration must be given to the structural loading on the balcony and railings.

Plant pots and troughs must be easily moveable.

Nothing, e.g. trellis, wires, brackets, or pots etc. may be fixed to the buildings.

No external lights are allowed.

No parking of bicycles.

Damaging plants such as ivy, virginia creeper, and wisteria are not allowed.

When the Estate is carrying out external repairs and redecorations to the building the leaseholder must remove everything from the balconies in order that the works may proceed.

Due to the danger to people passing by, it is the leaseholder responsibility to ensure that window boxes and other items on the balconies are safely secured so they cannot fall.

Residents must also check that their public liability insurance is up to date and adequate in case they have to meet a compensation claim.

If you wish to prevent young children going on to the balcony when the doors are open you may fit a stairgate outside the doors, but not in a way that may damage the brickwork or door frame.

In your use of the balcony please always take into consideration the appearance of the balconies in relation to the overall streetscene.

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