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Estate Management (Hampstead) Limited

Preconditions to Application for Freeholders Consent for Alterations and/or Works to
Buckingham, Avenue, Marlborough Mansions, Cannon Hill, London NW6

If a leaseholder is proposing to carry out alterations to the their flat, BAM Estate requires that the Leaseholder accepts and undertakes to comply with the following terms and conditions.

1. If any demolition is involved, to first carry out an asbestos survey.

2. To pay all costs, legal and professional fees and expenses incurred by the freeholders in assessing, inspecting, and licensing the proposed works.

3. To indemnify the freeholder against damage to the buildings or other loss or claim for injury arising from the execution of these works.

4. To ensure that all contractors and sub-contractors have in place adequate liability insurance and to produce this to the Estate Office.

5. To ensure that the proposed works in no way interfere with or interrupt the common services of the building, without the prior consent of the freeholders or their agents.

6. To comply with any time limit on the duration of the works determined by the freeholders agents.

7. At least two weeks prior to contractors starting work to notify in writing to all other occupants in the building the nature of the works, the start and anticipated end dates, and the contact telephone numbers of the leaseholder, and it is recommended that Schedules of Condition be agreed with immediate neighbours.

8. To ensure that all works are progressed diligently but only between the hours of 8.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays, and that no work is carried out at weekends or on bank holidays.

9. To comply with the Estate’s House Rules, and in particular the code of practice for the installation of bathrooms and showers.

10. To preserve the common parts by -
(a) at all times protecting the staircase and landings with dust sheeting and by cleaning and vacuuming these areas at the end of each day.
(b) reporting any damage immediately to the Estate Office and reinstating to the full satisfaction of the freeholders agents.
(c) where such reinstatement has not been executed or satisfactorily executed, to pay the cost of all cleaning and vacuuming carried out by the Estate in default and to pay for re-carpeting, repair and re-painting of staircases to the extent necessary to bring about reinstatement to the full satisfaction of the freeholders.

11. Not to use the common parts of the building or any external area for delivery storage or removal of material unless specific permission is given by the freeholders.

12. Not to change the use of the rooms of the premises to the extent of detrimentally affecting occupiers enjoyment of parts of adjoining property.  We have a "nil wet over/under dry" policy regarding use of accommodation.

13. Not to carry out alterations which will diminish any easement or other right of lessees or occupiers of adjacent property.

14. Not to cause nuisance by the manner of the execution of the works and not play any transistor radio or any noisy instrument in the flat.

15. To ensure that no alterations are carried out which affect the exterior appearance of the building.

16. To ensure that the security of the building is not compromised by the entrance or rear doors being propped open by fire extinguishers, or by any other means, during the course of the works.

17. To comply with the Building Regulations and to obtain, at own expense, the district Surveyor’s approval. To comply with the regulations and requirements of the local authority, statutory undertakers, bodies and authorities in respect of building and drainage alterations and plumbing, gas, and electrical works, and to make available certificates of satisfactory completion to the freeholders agents.

18. To comply with any requirement of the freeholders surveyors or agents in respect of the sequencing of structural alterations and the standard of the work and in any case to complete all works to their entire satisfaction.

19. To comply with the freeholders requirements for the design and erection of any scaffold. To notify the Estate Office at least 5 working days prior to erection. To install on the scaffold an electronic alarm system to the specification of the freeholders agent and to provide a 24 hour monitoring and response service, in accordance with the Estate's code of practice.

20. If required by the freeholder, to enter into a formal Licence for Alterations. To supply copies of all plans and specifications required, and to meet the freeholders legal and other professional costs.

21. To ensure that contractors report to the Estate Office prior to commencing work.

22. Your contractors are to provide photo !D's of all staff working on your flat.

23. Your contractors are to provide a copy of the work rules issued to their staff and sub-contractors.

24. To carry out regular check visits to ensure your contractor is complying with these instructions.

25.  To advise the Estate Office if any of your contractors staff will be living in your flat during the progress of the works, and to provide their names and photo ID's to the Estate Office before they move in.


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